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Someone Lost a Bet - Sunday Aug, 6

Summer is so busy, but 5 of us made it out to play on Sunday.


We did take short breaks in the shade between games to try and cool down.

IN MY DELERIUM, I made a bet that Sue and I would beat Scott and Adam best two out of three. Losers buy the cider.

The boys won the first game, and we won the second game.

Both games had been close and the third and deciding game was even closer.

With a score of 11-8, Scott and Adam were victorious.

We went to Matron for Sour Cherry Cider from Loch Mor, but it was very busy and looked like they were out of stock, so we left.

We went to Loch Mor to have our reward. We had flights of ciders and pretzels with pesto dip and also chips.

Kerry & Ray

Adam & Scott


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